I'm currently working on finishing my fifth novel. I took a year off to write and boy did it pay off. I am back. Expect new content starting in 2020. I have The Secret Life Series (4 book fiction saga), Dark Bliss (Novella- Vampire Romance/Revenge), Soap (Novella - homage to Cujo), The In-Between (Novella - paranormal/somewhat romance), and short stories coming soon.


Dark Bliss OUT NOW! 


The hugely anticipated Vampire Romance story is like no other. I guarantee you nobody has written a vampire like my main character, Enoch. Subscribers will be entered to possibly win a copy of this ebook. 


The Secret Life Series (4 Part Novels)


I pulled the first book 'The Bond' off of Amazon to fix what my publisher didn't fix. It will be out, in a 2nd edition, January 2021.


Book II 'The Bond Breaks' June 2021


Book III 'The New Bond' January 2022

Book IV 'The Bond Mends' June 2022


Man's Best Friend: Sick Em coming soon
I love Stephen King's Cujo. I remember being on a plane from San Diego to Portland, Oregon when a famous actress and singer, which I was awe struck, gave me the book. I read it in three days. So, my new Novella is a unique twist on the genre. This story is not for the faint at heart. Warning there is adult content that may be disturbing to most if you don't read horror with some gore. Coming 2021.



The In-Between coming soon
Young Adult fiction. This story will bring back memories of being seventeen or eighteen and daydreaming about being with the one crush forever.  The story follows a young loner, who has been in love with a cheerleader since he was in elementary school. Someone is murdered and it is up to the cheerleader, an unlikely hero and the main character to solve the crime. This is not a crime drama. It is an emotional rollercoaster of love, romance, compassion, and strength. Come join the ride. Coming 2021.

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