Does reality exist beyond the dimension we know? What if the laws of spirituality transcend the comprehension of man's vision of the afterlife? Can you make a deal with the Devil? Gram did! 


Phyllis, a grandmother of one, a homicide detective, is confronted with the agony and defeat of death around her 80th year on mother earth. Her only option was to make a deal with the Grimm Reaper in hopes he will spare her life.  Little does she know that you must be careful what you wish for. Death comes to those that wait, but if you could kill to save one year on your life would you do it? 


A completely different twist on serial killers with a conscience. Grimm & Gram will entertain you until the very end. A slightly cynical view on life, death, and what it means to be alive. Enjoy the read.

"Interesting and captivating story to read. And... being almost 80 myself, I'm not ever going to let the Grimm Reaper into my life!" - Nancy Silk, Amazon Review

'I Killed My Son-in-Law' Reviews.

"This book details exactly what the title says, and it does so by delving into the character's own words as if they were sharing a secret triumph."

Luna Ronin, Author/Editor (Amazon Review)

"Mills’ ability to offer readers a glimpse into the daily struggles of a man who is used to handling those he does not agree with and the tender heart that beats for his loved ones within allows breathing room within the story and gives it the much needed “human touch” just before arterial flow makes a horrifying appearance. "

Kester James Finley, Author


"Now that is what I call a short story!. What an awesome grabbing, edge of your seat reading experience.


My first book to be reading of this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Amazon Review

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