The Secret Life

The Bond

(Book One)

“I know this is hard for you, William, but I am gone.  I sent you my journals in hopes you will be able to understand who I am… Love, your battle buddy, Aaron.” 


Having only just recently reconnected with his old military friend, Aaron, William was devastated upon hearing the news of his passing. But when a delivery driver arrives the next day bearing several boxes of journals from Aaron, William realizes there was so much more to learn about his now-deceased friend.


Meet Aaron as a young boy growing up in Kellas, Washington during the 1970s, and follow him and his friends through the decade. Join them on their misadventures in love, mischief, woes of virginity, and mayhem. Along with William, you will see into the past as Aaron remembers it, having come of age under the malicious hand of his abusive stepfather, an abuse that Aaron had to hide from his closest friends. Appreciate Aaron’s highs and lows as he navigates the world with his undiagnosed bipolar disorder, all culminating in a journey of self-discovery. The Secret Life: The Bond transports you into a world fraught with love, hate, vengeance, and hope.

"The friendships, bonds, and camaraderie of the characters felt like a cross between “Stand By Me” and “The Outsiders”- which gave it an added emotional factor."

Angela Hayes, Amazon Review

"Unlike some coming of age stories, this one doesn't gloss over some really ugly stuff that life can (and does) throw at people just because it can. However, it doesn't overwhelm you with examples of how cruel life can be at times either. And I think that along with solid writing are what make this such a great book."

Feisty Geezer, Amazon Review

"This book is the epitome of the meme about finishing a book and everyone is going about their lives like you weren't just destroyed by a paperback."

Debra S. McGee, Amazon Review

"It did make me cry a few times because it just so true sometimes."

Diana Skittel, Amazon Review

"This book covers topics that are not easy to talk about--it is a powerful, emotional book. It is well written and engaging."

Niki, Amazon Review

"It touches on some subjects that may disturb some readers, but it does it in such a way that fits perfectly into the flow of the characters."

Mitche Graf, Amazon Review

Man's Best Friend 

Sic 'Em!

In the Pacific Northwest resides a quaint little town, Eagle Rock, where time stands still, crime is nonexistent, and locals know each other by first name. It’s an idyllic town of corner cafés and local barbershops, and no McDonald’s. So picturesque, that when folks began to die from dog attacks, the small town erupts in fear, wondering who could be next.


Sam lives a mild-mannered, trailer park life looking after her little sister, caring for her drunk father, and watching over her brothers. High school graduation is looming, woes of virginity hang overhead, and on top of it all, her perverted brother won’t stop pushing his affection on her. Though her thoughts are on leaving the lazy life, the dog attacks will pull her in deeper than she’d ever imagined.


With suspicions lingering, and thoughts of betrayal swimming through Sam’s mind, it’s a race for her and her friends to find out once and for all: is it feral dogs, or is it man’s best friend, killing as their owner wishes?


This thriller-crime drama is full of twists and arcs that will keep you guessing. It’s not about who might be killing Sam’s friends; it’s about surviving and proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what is really responsible for the murders in Eagle Rock!



Love should not be able to survive the horrors of the night. Love should not be for the wicked, yet even they can find solace in the arms of a lover. But, what happens when you love another, whose place in your world forbids the courtship? Meet Enoch, a wealthy plantation owner in the southeastern part of the United States, just before the Civil War. However, Enoch is different in many ways, and his plantation is a ruse to help free slaves to the North.

In the dead of night, Enoch rescues Demisha, a house slave, from her lover and master, Franklin Wilshire. A budding romance forms between Enoch and his ebony queen. The two plantation owners secretly go to war. Will Franklin kill the beast, or will he become the feast, in this wicked tale of sultry sex and adultery; hope and despair; romance and action. Will Demisha shed the shackles owned by Franklin?

Learn how this vampire came to be in this unique interpretation of a common mythos. Delve into the pages and get lost in an abundance of emotions. Romance is in the air!

"This was an excellent story. Definitely worth a read or two! It drew me in by the creative plot line and characters."

Paul Hendricks, Amazon Review

"Dark Bliss by Shay Mills was is a really unique, interesting and entertaining take on the vampire lore. Shay Mills tells a great story and I can always count on to keep me entertained- weaving a story that is so detailed and descriptive I could ‘see’ it playing out before my eyes."

Angela Hayes, Amazon Review

"Dark Bliss is an examination into the darkness of immortality and how even such darkness can radiate moments of sheer bliss."

Dan Smith, Amazon Review

"I can thoroughly recommend this particularly if you like vampire stories. So, pick this up and indulge yourself. You won't be disappointed."

David Bailey, Amazon Review

"It's a compelling read that will hold your attention to the very last page. Shay Mills makes vampires appear very human and you can almost feel your heart go out to them."

Naomi Raven, Amazon Review

"I'm not really a romance fan but for anyone who is - this is a very sexy, sensual, savage and OMG will they ever stop (it's just not human! :) read that would put Fifty Shades to shame."

llona Ciller, Amazon Review

"This book was so interesting! It was very entertaining. I read a lot of vampire books and this was a great twist on vampire lore. There were so many twists and turns throughout this book, that I could never guess the ending which was great. The writer ended this perfectly."

Kristy Finto, Amazon Review



Does reality exist beyond the dimension we know? What if the laws of spirituality transcend the comprehension of man's vision of the afterlife? Can you make a deal with the Devil? Gram did! 


Phyllis, a grandmother of one, a homicide detective, is confronted with the agony and defeat of death around her 80th year on mother earth. Her only option was to make a deal with the Grimm Reaper in hopes he will spare her life.  Little does she know that you must be careful what you wish for. Death comes to those that wait, but if you could kill to save one year on your life would you do it? 


A completely different twist on serial killers with a conscience. Grimm & Gram will entertain you until the very end. A slightly cynical view on life, death, and what it means to be alive. Enjoy the read.

"Grimm & Gram is the first book that I read from Shay Mills and if his other books are written in the same mannerism, we have ourselves a modern-day Alfred Hitchcock."

The New England Book Critic, Amazon Review

"Although the story is definitely warped, it is written with style and whimsy. It reminds me of a Ray Bradbury novella."

J. Walker, Amazon Review

"This was such a quirky, fun read! I loved this interesting and original take on the Grimm Reaper mythology and beliefs."

Angela Hayes, Book Blogger/Reviewer (Amazon Review)

" It’s along the lines of Christopher Moore’s “A Dirty Job,” but still remains its own story."

Larry, Amazon Review

"A well written page-turner that I really enjoyed!"

Joshua Shrifrin, Amazon Review






Some people have fantasies about killing someone. Yes, some do. What deters most from killing someone is their ability to feel remorse, but this story breaks that mold!

Vick is tired of his son-in-law’s abusive ways, punk ass mouth, and the way Tad disrespects his wife and daughters. He so desires to teach Tad a lesson. Follow Vick as he provides Tad with a much-needed course in humility that he will never forget.

This dark horse comedy oozes disgusting fun with a gruesome desire to drag on Tad’s death until the very end. Good versus evil is thrown out the window, and it will keep you cheering for the killer while you hold your breath. Darkly entertaining and comical! Join Vick on his comeback journey. Die Tad die!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. The author neither condones torture or harming anyone. Enjoy the read.

"This book details exactly what the title says, and it does so by delving into the character's own words as if they were sharing a secret triumph."

Luna Ronin, Author/Editor (Amazon Review)

"Mills’ ability to offer readers a glimpse into the daily struggles of a man who is used to handling those he does not agree with and the tender heart that beats for his loved ones within allows breathing room within the story and gives it the much needed “human touch” just before arterial flow makes a horrifying appearance. "

Kester James Finley, Author


"I really liked this piece. It was a straight forward, neat, organized and descriptive story. Constructed well with a fine tempo, the reader is pulled through the daily struggles of a changed man attempting to keep his cool."

Matt Poole, Amazon Review

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